The stylish cotton design accommodates most furniture leg sizes and features a rubberized grip on the inside to help keep the socks on.

With NancyProtectz® furniture socks, at just a glance you know your floors are protected from unsightly scratches and mars, unlike with ordinary felt pads which come off without you realizing and your floors are scratched before you know it.

Ready to see our Patented and Top Rated NancyProtectz® Ribbed furniture socks? They come in different colors and sizes for that perfect fit. Click here to see NancyProtectz® Ribbed furniture socks.

Testimonials from Satisfied NancyProtectz® Users


I am in Australia and have had no success with any of the local products e.g. stick on pads etc. I found these socks by googling and my order was dealt with promptly and courteously, with my questions about size etc. answered before placing my order. I now have by "chair socks" fitted on my chairs and I am delighted to report no more scratches and no more dragging noise on my wooden floors. My downstairs neighbors are also delighted that they no longer hear our chairs scraping. I expect there will be a stream of socks flying over to OZ judging by the reaction at my latest dinner parties. Thank you NancyProtectz, you have a winner in your chair socks! 
Lyn V

The Schmidt family and our hardwood floors LOVE your furniture socks!!!!  Thank you for finally addressing a problem I’ve had for years---scratched, gummed up floors!!!  Your socks fit well and are staying put and look cute!!!Thanks again for a great idea!
The Schmidt Family
Sammamish, WA.

I bought the NancyProtecz Ribbed furniture socks for my barstools and loved them so much that I bought more for all the chairs in my house. I am so happy they come in different sizes to fit the other chairs. Now I don't have to put a rug under our dining room table which I didn't want to do. These look better and work better than I ever expected! Thanks for a great product!
Julie G
New York, NY

Thanks for coming up with such a wonderful product! We have struggled for years with how to protect our floors from the legs of bar stools and chairs. Your furniture sock design is perfect! They work best with the use of the ‘sticky’ pads. I used the ones that you custom cut so I could get a good fit. The stools glide so nicely, softly, and quietly in and out… a real improvement.
Thanks again for a great idea!
Betsy Lichner
St. Charles, IL

I already received my order of NancyProtectz furniture socks. Let me tell you they look much, much better "in person" than on the website... To say it right, they look good on the website already, but when I opened the package and saw them they really impressed me because they looked "so well done" and the package in general is very eye catching. It also got my attention that they are smaller than I thought they would be. They look really "cute" on my furniture as they are not "invasive" to the decor... I like that! I use them on the stools (the legs are rectangular) and they fit good. They look really good too! I will recommend "NancyProtectz" for sure. "Congratulations" because you have such a quality product.
Sandra R.
Cary, NC

I received my order in the mail today and am I ever pleased! They are not only adorable but a perfect fit and color match to my new floor. You have a 100% satisfied customer here and will spread the word to my friends here in Arkansas and beyond! I really do think they are the cutest and best thing I've ever purchased!
Nancy Gross

I recently had hardwood floors installed and I didn't know what to do about the scratches. Then found the 'NancyProtectz furniture socks' and they're the answer for me and my floors. I recommend them highly and encourage anyone with hardwood floors to get the socks. In fact I'm telling everyone I know about them.
Gaye Johnson

I love these little miracles they serve the purpose and they look great. They have an elegant look to them really!

I bought four extremely heavy leather dining chairs with oddly angled square legs. Upon movement, the legs would come off of every cup or super slider I tried. Gummy felt pads fell off frequently in our Las Vegas heat and left a sticky residue on my Brazilian cherry floors. Every time a pad, cup or slider came off a leg it caused another hairline scratch in the seal of the floor. After a few dozen permanent scratches I was at my wits end and searching for a better product. I knew someone out there in the worldwide web must have come up with a small knitted leg sock idea, so I searched and searched some more until I found your site.

Thank you so very much for offering us this perfect solution. Due to the heaviness of my chairs I found it necessary to put two socks on each leg but now they slide just great. Husband wants to thank you, too, since he's the one that has to sling the chairs around when doing the household cleaning.
Jessica and Lou Kozlowski
Las Vegas, NV.

We recently installed hard oak wood floors in our home. Anything that sat on the floors got felt pads to protect the wood. However, because our kitchen, island chairs get much use, the pads kept sliding and coming off, leaving a sticky mess on the floor.

While looking for something better to protect my floors, I found NancyProtectz furniture socks!

NancyProtectz furniture socks are quite easy to use - They fit over my exceptionally large 2" chair legs easily - and are hardly noticeable.

Because my chairs are extremely heavy, I wanted extra protection, so I left the felt pads on the chair legs, and used two sets of NancyProtectz furniture socks. The socks solved my problem and are working great!

Thanks Nancy!
Reading, PA.

NancyProtectz furniture socks are truly the answer to saving my tile floors from scratches. I have had them on my kitchen chairs for several months and they have worked beautifully. Also, the socks blend in with my dark brown wood chair legs. Great invention!
S. Williams
Naples, FL.

I have laminate hardwood floors and the NancyProtectz furniture socks sets were just the right size and color for my dining room chairs. The NancyProtectz furniture socks sets are also going to protect my beautiful hardwood floors from future scratches because I wasn't using anything to protect my floors. I just love them and they are so perfect for my dining chairs.
Q. Johnson
Indianapolis, IN.

The furniture socks look and function great! I had regular chair pads on the bar stools before using the sox, but the pads tend to not last long. Color wise, the brown socks, the wooden stools and the Brazilian cherry floor blend nicely. Also, the socks will allow the stools to be pulled on the floor at an angle (tilted) and not scratch the floor. This wouldn’t be true with ordinary chair pads. My niece likes them and is going to place an order.
Hendersonville, N.C.

We have bamboo floors and the "socks" are doing a good job of protecting our floor from scratches.
Charles W.
Mount Juliet, TN.