Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What size furniture legs do NancyProtectz® furniture socks fit on?
A: NancyProtectz® furniture socks fit furniture legs from approximately ½” to 4 ¼” in diameter. Click here to see size chart.

Q: What shape furniture legs will NancyProtectz® furniture socks work on?
NancyProtectz® furniture socks work on most leg shapes including square, round, rectangular, oval and bun feet. Furniture Socks are not recommended for really tapered legs.
Click here to see leg shape chart.

Q: Will NancyProtectz® furniture socks wear out?
 The ribbed socks are very thick and durable. Like socks that you wear on your feet, they may eventually wear out after time and under regular usage. So, they may need to be replaced periodically. 

Q: Can I use NancyProtectz® furniture socks on furniture legs that are on a rug?
A. There is no need for NancyProtectz® furniture socks when the furniture is on a rug. However, if half of your chair/furniture is on a rug and half is on the hard floor then we do recommend using socks only on the legs that are on the hard floor.

Q: Can NancyProtectz® furniture socks be cleaned?
Yes, they are machine washable and reusable. Cold water wash will reduce fading. Because of their small size it is recommended to wash them in a mesh bag and to avoid shrinkage we suggest air drying. It is recommended that you keep your NancyProtectz® furniture socks free of dirt and debris by occasionally dusting them off or using a lint roller between washings if needed. TIP: Do not use high heat in the dryer as it can damage spandex.

Q: Will NancyProtectz® furniture socks slip off?
A: NancyProtectz® furniture socks are designed with a special slip-resistance on the inside of the socks to prevent slippage. The beauty of NancyProtectz® furniture socks is the fact that with just a glance, you know your floors are protected. If one were to come off then you will be able to see it and remedy the problem to prevent scratching your floors.
Q: Should I replace my felt pads with NancyProtectz® furniture socks?
While you can replace your felt pads with NancyProtectz® furniture socks, you may want to simply place the socks over the felt pads to provide additional protection.
We recommend using NancyProtectz® Felt Floor Protectors in conjunction with NancyProtectz™® furniture socks whenever extra protection is needed on heavy and often used furniture. The felt protectors can be attached to the bottom of the furniture leg with the sock pulled on right over the felt.

Q: Will NancyProtectz® furniture socks protect my floors while moving heavy furniture across the room?
No, NancyProtectz® furniture socks are designed to protect your floors from scratches during the everyday use of furniture such as bar stools and chairs and when furniture is moved during regular cleaning and vacuuming under a table or behind a chair. We do not recommend sliding furniture across a room, it will damage your floors.

Q: What about using the socks on lacquer and urethane coated legs?
A: Please be aware that with long term contact it is possible for rubber materials to react with some lacquer and urethane coated finishes causing damage to the finish. If in doubt speak to your furniture supplier.

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Hardwood Floor Care

7 Easy Steps to Better Looking Hardwood Floors!

step 1.

1. Sweep floors with a soft broom. Coarse bristle brooms may scratch the surface.

Step 2.

2. Vacuum once or twice a week to remove dirt and sand. On your hardwood floors it is best to use a light weight vacuum with soft brush bristles. Beware of coarse bristle, and heavy vacuum cleaners that will scratch your floors.

Step 3. & 4.

3. Place non-slip rugs near entrances to avoid getting dirt, sand and debris on your floor surfaces.

4. Consider setting a “no shoes indoors” rule. If you do allow shoes on your hardwood floors, beware of high heels and heavy soles because they may dent the wood.

5. Vacuum your rugs and doormats regularly to prevent coarse debris from getting onto your hardwood floors.

Step 6.

6. Always clean up liquid spills immediately to prevent seepage into the cracks and damaging your floor.

Step 7.

7. Never drag furniture across a hardwood floor and always use floor protection on your furniture by placing NancyProtectz® furniture socks on all furniture legs.

Keeping Hardwood Floors Clean

To clean, use a damp mop or rag, cleaning small areas at a time and drying as you go. Never use a dripping mop as water will cause damage. Bona Swedish Formula Hardwood Floor Cleaner is an excellent cleaning product for your floors.